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$20.000 en tu primera compra usando el cupón URBX1compr4.



Guarantees and Returns

- URBX Urban Backpacks are made to last. However, we know that there may be some cases that we will have to review. For this reason, all our products have a 1-year guarantee, in case of manufacturing or material defects under normal use.

- If it is necessary to repair the product for a use other than the guarantee, we will contact you previously to have your approval. This repair cost will be assumed by the customer.

- Since we have the product in our hands, we estimate 3 weeks (15 business days) for delivery and you must send the product to our offices, at Calle 111 # 45A-70 Torre 7 Apto 104 in Bogotá, Colombia. The Warranty does not cover shipping costs.

Additional notes:
- Natural variations in colors do not constitute product failures.
- Wear due to normal use of the product does not constitute a guarantee.
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The product return period is 30 days , counted from the day the product was shipped. Keep in mind that the returned product (s) must be complete, clean and in perfect condition. Once the perfect condition of the product is verified, we will proceed to return your money through the payment method you have used. Shipping costs are not refunded and we cannot reverse payments made by credit card.

If you have more questions, write to us through urbx@morralesurbanos.com   or through WhatsApp at +57 3138166743 .